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10 Poems in 20 Minutes (Day Twenty-Seven)

Here stands day twenty seven. Well, here sits. More like, here pixelated. Well, here, anyway.

10 Poems in 20 Minutes
Day 27

Poem 1:
She said it’s sad and lonesome to eat alone
With effervescent condescension
She sat down to eat with me
My small meal
And she talked
I swallowed staring at the oak on the table

Poem 2:
Room full of little Hispanic kids who come from the neighborhood around the area
Here we are in this steepled worship place to teach what we learned
Betty touts around the little convert they made
Who tells all god
Look who we’ve saved, from this wretched surroundings, who we’ve
Brought into the light
Look at how good he’ll be
I know, because I tutor him
That he still can’t add double column numbers
Pray on the weak

Poem 3:
My name seems never spoken by these people
They each call me something different
All nicer than what I call myself
I tell people I’m introduced to my name
They forget, unsaid
I tell those who’ll remember
No one uses my name, all something different
Friends call me, family says, boyfriend tells, mispronounced
It’d be nice to have one I liked

Poem 4:
You puny silly humans
Look what I can do
I can make your trees bend sideways
I flood your houses
I pail your heads
I am god
The god we defeated with plastic

Poem 5:
Dead people in photos still look happy
Light reflected on them for just a flash
The paper saved it, till it announced they’re gone
But I can’t grasp the light around them anymore
I can’t grasp around a grave

Poem 6:
She said, let’s be happy, think happy thoughts
You’re not strong enough to bear untidings
She said, happy happy happy
I don’t want to be sad
There’s nothing wrong with darkness I want to say
Be she smiles thin
And says we’ll make happy memories
Happy memories will erase all the bad, and only leave good
Just like grandma who refused to remember all that went wrong
Saying, oh yeah, instead
You miss out on the joy when you’re all too teeth

Poem 7:
He struts around full of anger
Screaming on accident in the night when the c-pap machine
Disguised himself an enemy
They’re all wrong and out to get me
Ugh, why don’t they see

Poem 8:
Toast I gave to the white dress
Spilled champagne on my fingers
So nervous I guess
She took those emotions as if they were right to give
Beamed at me for speaking sentimental
I’ll never do that again
Never give what I don’t need back

Poem 9:
But why don’t you want to learn
It’s all you have to do now
Just learn and eat
How wonderful
Not to him
His makeup of a good person doesn’t include knowledge
So he battles around and scuffs and drags ignoring what he could take and never be taken

Poem 10:
Let’s look at their bodies because we can
Like we scrolled too far on the one picture they meant to show us
The look at little like me
Like that
Exposed from exposure and flesh flash


10 Poems in 20 Minutes (Day Ten)

10 days in a row. My god that means I’ve written 100 poems.

10 Poems in 20 Minutes
Day 10

Poem 1:
I tried to find something beautiful about myself
So that I could stay afloat
I wanted to tell myself look at this, this braided friendship bracelet that’s been through too many showers looks really nice on that wrist of yours even though I think some of the color faded
This is a good thing, yes
As per always
I found more wrongness around

Poem 2:
One piece of my hair sticks to my arm
And every time I move I know it’s there
But I can’t find it
Too close to my skin color
Hidden on the underside of my arm
I think it’s there
It must be there
I couldn’t be this aggravated at nothing
Staring at a square of skin
Looking for an out of place hair
Wondering if that freckle has always been there and when it will leave

Poem 3:
If you’re of the family you have leave to insult the family
Berate the quirks and dramas
But if you stay with my people on hospitality and friendship
Then you tell my friends
You complain that my family is just awful
Then you crossed into the realm of rude
You do not get to insult them
They took you in
You thankless homeless wretch

Poem 4:
She told me today that he stole a paper
Someone else’s words taken from the page
Those aren’t yours to take
They belong to him
In that order, just as they were, like he wanted them
If you can’t find your own words then say – I have no words for I do not care for knowledge

Poem 5:
We played Hearts and with hearts, and with hearts on our sleeves, on the kitchen table after the sun went down before I had my ears pierced
And he gave me all the points I did not want
That black lady, queen of the losing
She smirked at me like she was glad to be handed over to the gentler handler
I put her with the off suit friends, tapped into neat rectangles and placed her with my other tricks
He gave her to me on purpose, and smiled while he did
I went upstairs instead of crying at the table
And wrote in an empty document, I hate him, I hate him, I hate him

Poem 6:
Why I tell myself I get dragged to church
Religion slips from me
I’m not believing
I go because all the others look at me to go
And I don’t mind sitting where it’s quiet

Poem 7:
Well I mean, you can’t get mad at people for eating rabbits or dogs
Because then you say, what’s different
Why are dogs different than deer
We let them in our homes? We still eat fish.
They’re so smart? Pigs are smarter.
No, we only have space for so much love. And that leaves when we suddenly see cheeseburgers.

Poem 8:
I told you not to call me beautiful
Objectively there’s nothing beautiful here

Poem 9:
There’s so much in a wall
It keeps out and in and around and beside
It makes mine yours and yours apart
So far apart
And there’s bits in between – fluff
The fluff that doesn’t let me hear you

Poem 10:
She says why don’t you make your sauce, the one we bought the stuff for
But you don’t have to if you don’t want to.
And she asked me to without asking me to and left me no room to say I didn’t want to.
That way she made sure I was happy.