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Yes, Yes, Very Pretty, You Know

photo of a tree hit by sunlight

just what we need more photos of sunlight on trees in autumn. ah the majesty of the changing of the seasons, so celebrated it must happen more than once every year. so wonderful in its inevitable murder of mosquitoes


Went to the Park – Found Trees

Photo of small woods

trees, see, trees, all giant and majestic, while they still have their clothes on, oh wait till winter little guys

photo of tree trucks in forest

oh i didn’t notice that till just now, someone has spraypainted that tree, rude

light coming through trees

i wasn’t kidding about those trees, oak, maple, brown, something else, i like these forest, small though they may be

maple tree branch in fall

i can smell this photo, that slightly rotting tree leaves smell before the first frost of the year

Sunlight Breaking Through Trees with the Last of Summer

photo of a small hill with sunlight peeking through the trees

poetry about sunlight dappled through trees and quiet stillness crap