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Work Trip

creek street view on a clear february day in ketchikan

guys, i got to live here for a couple days

photo of a shop window with balls paraphernalia

southeast alaska humor at it’s best

photo of creek street in ketchikan view from the red house

god this place

photo of Creek Street Boardwalk in Ketchikan during the snow in february

sometimes traveling isn’t so bad you know

Off the White Road

Snowy Trees by a Still Lake

dude, it was so clear, at the top of one mountain you could see into canada

Photo of a River by Snow Covered Trees

this is one of those times when it was more beautiful in person

photo of The White Gravel Road in White Snow

white road. white snow. *also guys i photoshopped this photo a bit

Snow on the Weeds

photo of snow on dry plants

some old queen anne’s lace serves as a baseball glove for snow