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Hold It Up

drawing of a woman wearing a scarf

with brick and mortar, stones and wood, drywall and hammers, and nails, and anything i can think of

Soup Dude

drawing of a smiley guy with bro hair

this cheery dude, man, looks so delighted, he’s probably daydreaming about doughnuts or coffeecake, he looks like a cheesecake guy to me, maybe he’s not daydreaming, maybe the girl sitting across from him just told the funniest story

Go Ahead, I’ll Wait

drawing of a woman smiling with her head tilted back

yea, messed up the shading over her left eye, tried to fix it, then thought, eh, she looks a bit loonier this way

I Laughed Today

My favorite laugh
Burns slow, I think
Rumbles the belly
Shakes shoulders
Reminds what a smile feels like
And reminds to smile
And reminds you to laugh
Then you can’t stop
And it goes silent for a second
Before you remember why
Then you laugh again
Especially if someone else is there
It’s beautiful, you know
And I haven’t felt that in weeks
So my cheeks didn’t know what was happening
When I smiled
And I didn’t recognize the sound
I remembered why I hadn’t been laughing
And stopped myself