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Something’s Wrong

All my socks are matched and in drawers.
I do not want a book from the bookstore.
My bed is made.
There aren’t any empty glasses on my nightstand.
I’ve hung up all my clothes.
My shoes are where they’re supposed to be.
There’s something wrong with me.

There’s a crossed-out to-do list.
My blankets are perfectly folded.
My desktop has no strays.
I’m smiling at myself in mirrors.
An outfit is set out for the next day.
I’m laughing at your jokes.
I’m asking for help.

I start to tell you something and get upset when you don’t understand.
I’ll tell you, “never mind.”
I tell you I need to be alone. Then I sit where there are people.
I don’t cry when I listen to “The River.”
I don’t eat any of the chips & salsa.
I won’t argue with you.
I sound good on the phone.

I’m telling you because no one knows.
And one someone should know.
These are my signs.