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Last Snow of the Season

photo of a path covered in snow

about 7 inches there, in case you were wondering

Solid Gray of the Clouds Almost Silhouetted Trees

photo of tree branches against gray clouds

a very sad somber gray backdrop for the ardent leaves clinging on with their whole little hearts, you can do it guys

Just a Bit of Red

photo of a tree with leaves starting to turn

feel just a mite smaller for a second

Yes, Yes, Very Pretty, You Know

photo of a tree hit by sunlight

just what we need more photos of sunlight on trees in autumn. ah the majesty of the changing of the seasons, so celebrated it must happen more than once every year. so wonderful in its inevitable murder of mosquitoes

Chasing Leaves

photo of a leaf in a river

i really don’t like the fall. ugh. but orangey colors, that makes up for something. i chased this leaf down the river for like ten minutes, yup looked like a weirdo, i must photograph you, come back you leaf in half and half