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Dead Crab and a Butterfly

because this is the mood i’m in today

dead crab on black beach

check out the dead crab. it is dead.

white butterfly on a purple flower

probably should have cropped that leaf out of the bottom right-hand corner

On the One Sunny Day This Week

Waterfall in Southeast Alaska with Brown Water

the water is the color of dr.pepper

Waterfall in Southeast Alaska with people swimming

the waterfall is in the shadows. also this water is cold.

River in Southeast Alaska near the falls

this is what it looks like facing the other direction

Neon Orange Sun Setting

photo of orange setting sun with a line of trucks

the sunset today flared this great neon orange color. i pulled off the side of the road and took this, it would have been better, but some dude started honking so i only had time to take two, and this is the better of the two, tells you about the quality of the other