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Two More for the Hike

photo from the top of the moutain at the end of the hike overlooking the island

it was fairly cloudy yesterday, so everything’s a little gray. the people and the view.

photo of the old logging road leading to the top of the moutain

walked up the old logging road, and back down through the brush.

Linear Trees

Telephone Lines Across Trees

took this while stopped in traffic. the one good thing to come out of being stopped in traffic besides learning all the words to the songs on the one cd in my cd player.

Dust on Truck

Truck Close-Up

i love taking photographs of trucks driving on the road. i don’t think they get enough happy recognition. as always, i can’t believe i have to say this, but, nevertheless: it should be obvious i was not driving while taking this, i don’t support photographing while operating a moving vehicle.

Two Trees and a Bridge

Photo of a Path in the Woods

it looks like fairies are about to pop out of the green. i’ve read too many fantasy novels.

Wooden Bridge in the Woods

eh, now that i’m seeing this here, i’m not i really like this photo

Photo Looking Up at Trees in Summer

wow, original, a tree canopy, never seen that before. we’re getting massive amounts of rain this summer, we’re like ireland green. it’s nice, i guess, except for all the mosquitoes. those deserve nothing less than the pits of hell. 

The Park in Nicer Weather

Photo of tree flowering

i’ve had that shake it like a polaroid picture song in my head all day. even singing tom jones’ delilah hasn’t evicted it from my ears

photo of a creek in early june

heeeey yaaaaa. hey yah. heeeeey yaaaa. ok i’ll stop. now shake it, shake it, shake it, uh oh yeah.