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10 Poems in 20 Minutes (Day Six)

Six days in a row. That takes two hands to count.

10 Poems in 20 Minutes

Poem 1:
I’m afraid that once I think the thought
All the way through
It will go away
And I won’t think it anymore

Poem 2:
She’s lying right outside my door
Her life drips out
And I’ve done nothing with mine

Poem 3:
I have this daisy on my desk
I plucked it from the bunch on the table
Someone sent us in a box with numbers and flowers and cards
Damp cardboard and plastic wet wrappings
All alone lasted longer
Stem brothers all faded
Mine still petals
Singled out makes it better
Solidarity in death in water

Poem 4:
I missed the person I was supposed to pick up
I texted and called
They walked right by the pale sky colored car
Now what am I doing
I’m sitting in a car waiting for no one

Poem 5:
I found what I needed to make it to tomorrow
That’s all I’ll ever have

Poem 6:
I emulate calm
I am calm
I tell myself to calm down
And stay calm
Fury will not help
Get this fury away from me, what am I to do with it. I don’t know what to do with it.
It’s flitting all over the place.
I press the gas down harder.
Fury comes out of my engine and makes us move faster down this little twisty road
Worse, though, I don’t know which way to hold my head.

Poem 7:
Marry me Mary Sue, tell me you’ll love me always, tell me to be with me forever
I’ll not marry you if you ask this Mary Sue, I’ll not love till tomorrow, I’ll stay mine forever now
Please won’t you see me Mary Sue, just look my way this once, and I’ll love you till forever
I won’t look your way, if you ask this Mary Sue, I’ll not see you till tomorrow, I don’t care

Poem 8:
I got an angry text message
What do I do with an angry text message?
There’s no voice attached
No smiles
No lines in the face
So it sits there
I’m not even sure he’s angry
It just looks angry
The whole thing seems
Resigned and mad
Each word means something different now that I’m looking again

Poem 9:
A box of someone else’s treasure pieces
Doesn’t hold much for me
But that won’t stop me from throwing it away
So it can be the racoon’s happy place now

Poem 10:
She said she talks to entertain
But she’s met with silence on our passive days
How do the boring interpret silence?
It’s not going anywhere
Do they wait for that one acknowledged eye?
Single out the glasses for the victims of the following quiz?
Or are they talking to ease their own
No to use
We are the heartbeats they need to feel important
They tell the stories to themselves
And make sure you listen to feel better

So here I am, stuck, listening, to the pitter and the rain
And the ongoing drama of an untouched life.
A life that doesn’t need to me
Just needs my heatbeat and certainty