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Relationship Poems

i’m alive guys

It’s Gone on Too Long
I don’t know what to do with him.
Today he called,
Ostensibly to say hi.
He asked how my day was, what I did today,
Most likely because he didn’t know what else to say.
I was fairly distant which was fun in a –
I know I’m being a bad human –
Kind of a way.
Tomorrow, I’m supposed to tell him when I’m free
So I guess he will talk for five minutes and then hang up on me.

I can’t test him, which is what I want to do.
Which is what all the relationships of my past tell me to do.
Be clear, give deadlines, ultimatums,
And when people fail them,
Cut them out.
But I don’t test people, I don’t manipulate.

He’s awful, and uncouth, and uneducated, not that I hold these things against people,
But I do.
It’s like I know I’m not supposed to judge people for how much they eat or don’t eat,
But I do.

I’ve always thought, when it’s right, it’s right.
When I click, when it’s easy, when there aren’t odd breaks in conversation.

He thinks maybe I’m it, because he doesn’t think he’ll get any better.
“Likes me”
I can see myself saying, fuck it, and take the money and run
And be a depressed housewife just for the cash.

I Didn’t See It
I remember something she said to me,
She said,
He looks at me with love in his eyes.

She respects his wife too much to ever do anything about it.
That he looks at her with love in his eyes.

I never would have put that together.
And I’m not sure it’s true.
If it’s still true.

She could have been over confident, or high at the time.

What are these men doing?
Who are now supposed to be raising families while the mothers work.
Is that what they signed up for?
Is this the reason they get white girl wasted on weekdays and sleep around?
Is that where they find themselves,
Or lose themselves?

Why didn’t she act on it?
Maybe that line is right, whoever said it,
Maybe you can’t choose who you fall in love with,
But you choose who you be with.

Actually, on second thought, that’s totally wrong.
I think there are a lot of men and women who don’t fall in love unless their brain is in there with them.
And so many people don’t have a choice in who they’re with.


10 Poems in 20 Minutes (Day Seventeen)

I’m a bit dark today. Well, darker than usual. So, warning, I guess.

10 Poems in 20 Minutes
Day 17

Poem 1:
I’ve yet to look at a happy marriage
I’m convinced they’re isn’t one
It’s just two people
Who haven’t yet come to spit at each other as much as anyone else they’ve met
Introduce one person or concept and the pair goes to shambles

Poem 2:
Maybe I don’t have it in me
Not today
I just won’t leave this place here

Poem 3:
Words come out of my mouth every one second guessed
Why this word there
That didn’t make any sense
You sound like a prude
I should have stopped talking there
I should stop babbling
Why do I open my mouth?

Poem 4:
All you need to know about my sister
I can tell you in one story
She woke up second and took a shower first
And sang through the bathroom door
I could hear her serenades through my own closed door
She walked out with towels and airs
I told her I could hear her singing
She said, I know

Poem 5:
Well, what do you make of it
What are you gone do with your hands

Poem 6:
The guy we pay ten dollars to mow our lawn
Hasn’t enough brains to stop and ask for more gas
He putters in lines
I’m sure I’m forgetting to ask for something
That could make all this go away and stop my sputters

Poem 7:
There’s a pad of real butter melting in the pan I put there
Real butter
I try to spread it on my corn-syrupy wheat bread
To put on top of my processed American cheese product
To make a sandwich
I flip with my dollar store wooden spoon
Under my warped scraped black little pan
On the rented glass-top stove
I made lunch with my own hands
My hands seem real at least

Poem 8:
I remember, I remember a particular required math class
And Cash bought pot brownies the night before
He talked so it was obvious
The piddly assistant professor who taught turned to me
Next to my loud lover
And said, do you understand this,
Called me by name
I did
So we helped Cash out

Poem 9:
I walked up the slope to the tower dorms. I was late out playing.
There were two black party-dress girls in the circle drive, one dragging the other
She screamed, he raped me he raped me
Her friend said shut up, c’mon, let’s go
I stopped and started and stopped and skittish moved
The friend looked at me to make sure I wasn’t watching
I walked as calm toward the door, my feet the only ones who knew what to do

Poem 10:
Katie and Mike shouted obscenities toward each other
At this my first college party
I started at my vodka in a red cup that had bubbles and juice
She came from her comedy show that night
She had been so funny