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Quick, Organized Thought on Missing Home

Colors don’t change here,
Not since I moved.
But, I miss three days in autumn when I could drive down my double-car studded, concrete-block street, glazed in familiarity,
All in orange.
I give over the beauty of the leaves to those I left behind.


a short little poem, a quadrille for d’Verse poets.

Look, Leaves

photo of yellow leaves

wow shock and awe from the crowd i’m sure, more trees in fall photos, where would your life be without them

Solid Gray of the Clouds Almost Silhouetted Trees

photo of tree branches against gray clouds

a very sad somber gray backdrop for the ardent leaves clinging on with their whole little hearts, you can do it guys

Medium Rare Yellow Oak Leaves

photo of yellow oak leaves

don’t say it, i know, enough with the leaves, we get it, it’s fall, find something else to photograph

Maple Leaf Saplings in Fall

photo of maple saplings at the start of fall

green left before fall, i love the little dead brown spots on maple leaves, it’s like ah the sun burns you too, we are alike