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The Sun in Case of Memory

photo of light on leaves

i felt like some sun today, even if it’s the captured kind


Green Leaf All Alone on the Branch

photo of a leaf with holes

so i took this back in october, but i found it and said, hey, this isn’t too bad

Medium Rare Yellow Oak Leaves

photo of yellow oak leaves

don’t say it, i know, enough with the leaves, we get it, it’s fall, find something else to photograph

Maple Leaf Saplings in Fall

photo of maple saplings at the start of fall

green left before fall, i love the little dead brown spots on maple leaves, it’s like ah the sun burns you too, we are alike

Leaves Running Away

gif of a leaf floating by in a creek

go on little leaf, this is what i saw at the creek today

gif of orange leaves floating by

a pair of little orange leaves

gif of a leaf floating by

who’s singing modest mouse, and we all float on

Leaves in Reeds

photo of riverbed with leaves in fall

that bit of tree bark looks like a skull, like a cow skull, now that’s all i’m going to be able to see it as