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Found Someone to Drive with Me

Woman on a Dock of a Lake in Alaska at Sunset

found this place by accident

Small boat on a lake with lily pads in southeast alaska

rowed out a bit before we realized neither of us knew how to row

photo of Alaska Tree Skyline at Dusk

pine tree skyline

Drove Out to the Lake Past the Dump

photo of a southeast alaskan lake in april

you can’t swim here because the water is too close to the dump

Photo of a jeep with an alaskan lake in the background

they call it crusin. where you ride around on these old, dirt logging roads and listen to jams (and mostly drink)

photo of a yellow air freshner hanging in a jeep


The Park in March

photo of trees tinted red at sunset with the moon

these were taken back in march. red trees are creepy to me, makes me wonder what color the sap would be.

photo of cattails around a lake at sunset

if i were a person who liked to fish, i assume this would be the sense of peace i searched for

photo of a tree's bark peeling in early spring

this appeals to me visually. if i explain it i think it will make the weird tree bark magic go away. i have no clue why i like this. blah, blah no accounting for tastes or whatevs.

photo of decaying tree bark by the riverbed

the dead fraying bark looks like corn husks. i never thought there could be more than two shades of brown.

Dry Grass Near the Blue Reflected Water

photo of grass in front of blue lake at sunset

i like these reflections on blue water sunsets, i’ll have to take more