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Victorian Style Sketch

drawing of a woman in victorian times

she sorta looks like a man


Hold It Up

drawing of a woman wearing a scarf

with brick and mortar, stones and wood, drywall and hammers, and nails, and anything i can think of

She’s Always a Lady

old style drawing of a lady

i cannot get her left eye right, i mean correct, it doesn’t look right, i mean correct, shading, i’m doing a five minute drawing tomorrow, quick, fast, hair won’t take twenty minutes

Scribbled Hair Dancer

drawing of a dancer with her eyes down

i think i spent too long on this one, if i spend less time they seem to be better

Go Ahead, I’ll Wait

drawing of a woman smiling with her head tilted back

yea, messed up the shading over her left eye, tried to fix it, then thought, eh, she looks a bit loonier this way