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The Last Day on My Island

photo of alaska beach with snow on a clear day

alaska beaches man

photo of one of my last hikes out the old logging roads

one of my last hikes

photo of tongass natinal forest cabin on a nice winter day

on the rarest of clear winter days

Two More for the Hike

photo from the top of the moutain at the end of the hike overlooking the island

it was fairly cloudy yesterday, so everything’s a little gray. the people and the view.

photo of the old logging road leading to the top of the moutain

walked up the old logging road, and back down through the brush.

So I Went to Colorado

Colorado Mountains with People for Scale

look at them tiny people. stupid, huge mountains making me feel small.

A Barren Shrub in the Mountains

i was starting to miss the forests and trees of the midwest, there’s no green here

Colorado Mountain Trail in Winter near Denver

totally a scene location for the lion king

Colorado Rocky Mountains in Winter

those weeds were so strange, i became partially entranced by how ugly, yet interesting they are

Hint of Fall Leaves

Looking Up in a Small Forest in Fall

i’ve got three photos i like and i think look nice together from my last hike in the woods.

A LIttle Yellow Shining Through

the yellow of the sun with the yellow of the autumn leaves is real nice

Trees in Early Fall Triptych

who wanted to feel small today? me! god that tree is huge