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Hope That Summer Lasts

photo of a Fishing Boat Trolling at sunset in alaska with fireweed in the foreground

well if this doesn’t say alaska

photo pacific northwest forest on the beach with light

photo of pacific northwest forest on the beach

photo of kayaking in alaska inside passage

kayaking with whales

photo of trees overlooking the beach in southeast alaska

old trees, old moss


Two Trees and a Bridge

Photo of a Path in the Woods

it looks like fairies are about to pop out of the green. i’ve read too many fantasy novels.

Wooden Bridge in the Woods

eh, now that i’m seeing this here, i’m not i really like this photo

Photo Looking Up at Trees in Summer

wow, original, a tree canopy, never seen that before. we’re getting massive amounts of rain this summer, we’re like ireland green. it’s nice, i guess, except for all the mosquitoes. those deserve nothing less than the pits of hell. 

The Yellow Leaves of Fall

photo of yellow leaves

see? yellow.

photo of saplings in fall

more yellow

photo of yellow leaves against the sky

an unexpected surprise. yellow leaves. crisp.

photo of maple leaves in fall

little brown dots on my yellow leaves

Bit of Vine Going Round a Tree

photo of small vine of ivy wrapping around a tree

really i should take photographs of people or something, sigh, maybe i’ll do some still lifes tomorrow