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At the Stadium

photo of two football fans at a game

i like the idea of normal looking people doing normal things at a game that’s supposed to be so spectacular and shiny

Photo of Girl Climbing Over a Seat at a Stadium

something about the way she fills the frame i just really find fascinating. also she was wearing a star wars t-shirt, so A+ there

Universal Truths I Thought of While Eating Grilled Cheese

Tomato soup is only good for grilled cheese
The only incentive to wake up early is the prospect of eating more meals
Humans are the same online or off, one just gets recorded
You’ll only ever be able to see from your eyes
If you pay men to tackle other men, it shouldn’t be surprising when they hit women too
There is no woodshop teacher with all his fingers
Everything matters
Twenty-four hour stores just mean more work for poor people
People act strange during full moons
We’re all self-righteous
You can’t be self-confident and humble
Today is not tomorrow
No one should make you feel guilty for a feeling
If you run on instincts, you’re superstitious
You do what bugs you about other people
There’s something you don’t know you don’t know