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Dead Crab and a Butterfly

because this is the mood i’m in today

dead crab on black beach

check out the dead crab. it is dead.

white butterfly on a purple flower

probably should have cropped that leaf out of the bottom right-hand corner


The Park in Nicer Weather

Photo of tree flowering

i’ve had that shake it like a polaroid picture song in my head all day. even singing tom jones’ delilah hasn’t evicted it from my ears

photo of a creek in early june

heeeey yaaaaa. hey yah. heeeeey yaaaa. ok i’ll stop. now shake it, shake it, shake it, uh oh yeah.

May Flowers Brought By Showers

Ok. It’s official. I am the worst schedule keeper ever. My poor white rabbit.

photo of a tree in bloom

bloooo sky

photo of grass by a river

bunny’s eye view aka got mud on mah jeans

photo of tree in bloom in a park

fancy frolicking trees share with us their flowers. i think overall this was a nice trip to the park. very nice indeed.

Little Last of the Petals

photo of flowers with few petals

all falling off and away

White Blooming Weeds

photo of white weeds

i’m sure these are what made me sneeze, who likes to take photos of weeds and is also allergic, put your hands up, no just me, i count four different plants here, it could have been any one of them, the little boogers

Little Yellow Flowers in September

photo of little yellow flowers

little yellow flowers, i love little yellow petals, gah, so cute

More Daisies

photo of a cluster of small daisies

guys, guys, i found a whole buncha daisies, i know, you’re thinking, give it up with the tiny yellow flowers, but i mean, c’mon they’re daisies, they’re so great for being great, look at those little guys, saying hello sunshine, i am like you