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Poems from My Day (1-26)

i’m moving across the country soon. did i mention?

My father has never been happier.
His little girl, forsaking the world of marketing,
High-profile, clients, ARR,
To take a year of her life and work for the good of the country.
First time he’s ever seemed full of pride since I graduated.
He’ll be able to make so many sermons out of this.

A pretty girl in middle school told me,
As she was trying to braid my hair,
That I had a sensitive head.
She didn’t think someone like me would be so soft.
To this day, I still have no idea what she meant.

Everyday I drive on the highway,
I have a second, a feeling,
Like I was a hairsbreadth away from crashing.
Some days, I think, I’ve lived my whole life like that.
Just this far away,
From walking in front of that car.

I’m sitting with my arms pinned in by people talking loudly on either side of me.
We’re in a basement of a crowded place, there’s alcohol, and the social necessity to talk.
Sitting on those kind of benches from 8th grade lunch.
It would take me a solid thirty seconds to get out.
And once I realize I’m starting to have a panic attack,
It makes it worse.
I got through it.
Then I sat in my car for twenty minutes in the parking garage with the lights off,
And cried.

I don’t like when people know things about me.
It’s mine to share.
I don’t know what you’ll do with it.
Probably hurt me.

Why am I so bad at the things I think I should be good at?
I want to be quick, nimble, and fast.
Smart and caustic.
But I feel slow all the time.
Behind, outdated, frumpy, and slow.

I got sick Sunday.
And went to work Monday morning.
And I’m not sure why.
It wasn’t loyalty.
I had so much to do.
And my sense of right, won’t let me do a bad job, at my job.
Even if they deserve it.

I told my sister once that she was selfish.
I think it was the only time I ever hurt her.
One count.
She brings it up every once in a while,
Expecting me to apologize, take it back.
But it’s the one hurt I’ve never been ashamed of,
It’s a pain I don’t mind causing.
Because it’s as true today as it was years ago.
She’s selfish.
And she’s hurt me so often, it seems like fair cosmic retribution
That I can have my pride on this one point.

Poems from My Day (12-8)

got it in just under midnight.

You were meant for something greater.
Say that to anyone.
It will ensure restlessness.
If you want to.

There should be more camaraderie at the BMV
It would make waiting easier if we all started singing songs.

I won’t call him.

At all things I am a failure.
I feel it today.
Can’t do anything right,
Never do anything right,
It’ll always be like this.

If my Dad dies, I think I’ll be fine.
If my Mom goes, I think I’ll break
When I need to hear her voice,
Even saying the things she’s told me before.
Sometimes I call her just to get her going,
Just so I can hear her.

I used to write dedications in the front of my school Bible
Then cross them out when I got older,
An exercise in thinking I’m so much smarter now,
Look how silly I was,
Look how much I’ve grown.
Now all my front and back page of Words are filled with little etched out sayings
Trying to be cute, funny, endearing.
And I still want to keep writing them.

I’ve made up a Christmas tradition I tell the people at work.
Along with playing 500 rum, and marathoning 007 movies,
We watch Star Trek while wrapping.
Except we don’t.
Not either anymore.
Not after she said, “what do you want from me?”

If I feel like I’m a terrible sister,
Doesn’t that make me a better person,
Isn’t that what I’m supposed to feel?
I won’t be good enough, so I’d better feel it.

Poems from my Week (6/1)

Guys, guys, are you seeing this? I’m actually keeping to my schedule. I just cannot believe it. It is, in fact, unbelievable

Come on, preserve my sanity, I dare you.
I bet you could break me if you wanted. So do it.
You’re so close already.
You think you’re my life line, what’s holding me here.
Prove it.

I am more than what you see between my hairclips and my shoelaces. I have to be.
I have to be something more, because
I’m not sure, but it’ll be unsatisfying as hell.

I don’t know what to do with myself, or what it is I think I might be feeling. So I’ll go buy something. Or, maybe just think about starting the car, to leave, to be free, to run. Run in my car, and buy something, to feel better.
I thought this an hour ago, and I’m still here. And still here.

If I could show you how I felt, I would clap till my hands turned to ground beef.
But I don’t know what to say.
So I’ll say what I always say to you, which is hedged bets and a plastic mold of a heart.

I screwed up a bit. Not a lot. Just a little.
And I’ll be agonizing over that for the whole week,
I’ll get distracted and really mess something big up,
But not care, because I could have prevented this whole catastrophe in the first place.

My goodness found a stamp.
It peeled off the backing and wrote an address.
It mailed itself to someone who was a bit better and felt a bit more.

She must have realized she was talking down to me.
She must have processed who she was talking to.
She can’t be that cold, but wait who am I talking about.

I memorize songs, so I can keep track of time in the shower.
I think the same train of thought so I can reorient myself.
I count my fingers when I can’t breathe.

She spent so much money. Just all in one go, no problem.
I have to be careful where my twenties fall.
I can’t be loaned out later.
I hate that she doesn’t have to worry,
And doesn’t have to keep track.

I met a boy who wore a purity ring.
It took too much strength not to make fun.
People must hate me, always sarcastic that one.

10 Poems in 20 Minutes (Day Thirty-Nine)

Saturdays are always the sleepiest. I don’t know if Saturday poems are sleepy too.

I Wrote 10 Poems in 20 Minutes
Day 39

Poem 1:
He asked why
Didn’t I want kids
Because I don’t want more people like me
Not that much pain

Poem 2:
I ate the pancakes without syrup
Spit out grape seeds
Steak knife cut ham
Spilled yolk sunny side up
Medium warm juice
And hoped by the time I stopped being hungry
I would be civil

Poem 3:
A start wake up
Felt like I’d already been awake
No time had passed
Give me twenty more minutes
No blinked eyes

Poem 4:
Can’t chew with her mouth closed
Because she talks so much
If she did
We’d never be able to leave
Waiting for each bite to finish
For the story
She just wanted for conversation

Poem 5:
Only refilled my coffee once
Eeked out while grinning
He doesn’t get tip
But, Dad, you didn’t ask for more
I don’t care with a grim
Satisfaction of having proved them wrong

Poem 6:
Brochures dates for November
I won’t be here that long
I can’t be
I have to get out of here
As I unpack another box

Poem 7:
Boxknife can’t be left out
No more
Because I know how to use it
How it locks with a thumb, easy
Then my mind goes runnin

Poem 8:
He doesn’t have to be
Good for me
Or talk well or smart
He hasta hold me
With will eyes
Hold out the cold

Poem 9:
I dance when the steps won’t carry
And sing as far as I can
I write with a closed door
Cry and scream into quilted pillow cases
Share myself thoughts only to strangers
So they can’t hurt me with bits of knowing

Poem 10:
Sweatshirt won’t get washed
Wore it the last time we all went
To the perfume Macy’s counter
Spritzing the glass bottles with our smiles
Each sleeve smells different
The hood must carry some fancy number
Last time we were together
As friends
And equal in glass and circumstance
Mispronounced the French names
Argued over celebrity status rights
Twirled and spun
Before we all went flying away

10 Poems in 20 Minutes (Day Twenty-Four)

Twenty-four days of live action poetry written under a time limit. Twenty-four is a good number.

10 Poems in 20 Minutes
Day 24

Poem 1:
She told, she’s had people abandon friends who are dying in hospice
They don’t know what to say so they don’t sit
Sit with me a while
For my cubicle death soul and his
Squared off vigil

Poem 2:
Find me a river
Let’s go dancing
Turning waves
Shot of breath
Breathe shorter and shorter

Poem 3:
I stalked up to the front of the class
Hi prof
You don’t know me but
How to tell a stranger you know, who has power over you
That a greater obligation calls your attention
No matter money spent
Regardless of infinite prior knowledge
My dad, he’s in surgery, if I get a call
I’m leaving
They have to say ok
Then as you walk back
Remember they’re a person
And ask if you’re all right

Poem 4:
I tell me at times
That I’ve got a good soul
And that I’m not quick to anger or threaten
Abhorrent violence
But how far has that been tested
If I could push a big red button
Could I know what I’d do
If I wasn’t there

Poem 5:
I only did as a child
Swung onto a held hand till the shoulder socket ached
Waved to strangers
Wanted to be big
Couldn’t hold on till I could ride a ride
Knew it would be better, not hoped

Poem 6:
Favorite hymn, I want that one played at my funeral
Because this guy, she said, wasn’t a believer
Had no hymn picked out
But the priest knew he was saved
Sung the brother’s favorite hymn instead
Respect the lived idea’s of the passed
He wouldn’t have wanted not to be in a church

Poem 7:
Waiting for this head space to clear
Then I see everything all filtered
By what I’m going to need now
In this certain position
From this different angle place in my head

Poem 8:
The pride comes from hope the second time around is all better
He sideline sits. Watches the big bulk son hit and scrape
This is glory

Poem 9:
I like to take an action many before have
Kinship over time with similar thoughts in mind
Like watching fire
Combing hair
Carving apples
Spilling cups
Clasping hands
Picking teeth
And slaughtering chickens
All to survive, we do it all to survive

Poem 10:
I’ll get up early tomorrow
Watch the sun come up over dingy dinghy neighborhood
Uneven concrete blocks
Tilting blue spruce pines
Remind myself that beauty hits everything
But it won’t be pretty tomorrow they’ll be clouds
This place will still be the same
Birds behind shutters

10 Poems in 20 Minutes (Day Twenty)

I have written ten poems in twenty minutes for twenty consecutive days. To celebrate this momentous occasion I decided to make all my poetry rhyme. Apologies for the oncoming onslaught of suck.

10 Poems in 20 Minutes
Day 20

Poem 1:
When and if I cannot get out of bed
I call it my home in comfort and peace
I tell myself that’s ok, stay in your head
Then tomorrow we can start a new lease
A new chance for never to cease

Poem 2:
I suppose I should write about love
As that is the customary form of this beautiful dove
Each word I select
Seems to laugh as I detect
Any sort of rhyme
Before I run out of time

Poem 3:
Talk to me, you said
Tell me a story
But there’s nothing in my brain that isn’t dead
And all my tales with just the gory
Details of what rests in this sad little mind
You’ll have to wait and be kind

Poem 4:
I shall not be worse
No the next day it will all be so much better
I will not add a curse
If anything it will all be setter

Poem 5:
She said
I have a mind that cannot be fed
For it ravages and forages and finds no peace
And nothing you can add with endure any cease
To this tumult and chaos and grease

Poem 6:
Come and sit for a minute so that I can tell you how I came to be
It was through my family
For the first we see, is the first we compare, forever, see
And I was not good enough for them three
I will never be enough good for any other sea

Poem 7:
I took a shower
And went into this sun of mine
I did not cower
But stood fool in line
And greeted my ball of fire in my dower with sublime fine aligned

Poem 8:
I seek out these people I would and could speak to
I ask them questions askance
I test their answers, looking through
I put them around this difficult dance
Seeing if their mind can have fun with two

Poem 9:
Make me a river
So I can flower where I like
I scream at the deliverer
I have nothing I don’t strike
Push me away upriver

Poem 10:
As I sit and write this verse
I wonder if perhaps
I have let too much time elapse
As it takes much longer to write this little curse
I cannot be trusted with this non free verse