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10 Poems in 20 Minutes (Day Eighty-Seven)

I Wrote 10 Poems in 20 Minutes
Day 87

Poem 1:
We hand out candy to these princesses and ghouls
In the cold wind weather.
We open our doors put a light on
And give chocolate.
Such kindness?
We don’t speak to the parents,
Or say howya doin,
We give what we’re supposed to
To do like the others in the houses in the streets with the trees and
The candy.

Poem 2:
I stopped right then
In the middle of the hall
I knew I’d regret not doing something
I’d regret this moment right here
And I thought about the regret
And thought the better of it.
I knew I could live with the regret.
It’d been there before.
But shame I wasn’t so sure about.

Poem 3:
That line in my mind between
Well that’s normal
And how dare you.
And if I were with different people
In a different moment,
My line would curve
To take in some more of that
Out there.

Poem 4:
We buried in a tunnel of a snow fort
The first winter we spent in the brick block house
And out tunnels interwove
With castles and motes and icicles and dragons.
I was covered in snow.
In the good packing snow
And my pink winter coat I only remember in photographs.

Poem 5:
I asked him the same question
Twice on purpose
The same sign on the same side of the highway
To see if adults lied
And if they changed their minds
And it they’d forget they’d been asked.
He said something different that time.
So I was right, then, dad’s make mistakes.

Poem 6:
Quit talking to me.
I’m trying to do something.
It doesn’t involve you.
I answer you in one word.
I won’t make eye contact
I shy away.
These are my signs
Read please.

Poem 7:
She wondered why we don’t tell her things
After she berates us for whatever choice we’ve made
And says what we could have done better.
She says I want you to be able to talk to me
After foot listening to you
Sharing her opinion
And going with her way over yours.

Poem 8:
Wasn’t there
There was something I wanted to
Do, yes
For sure
I shouldn’t have this time now
I’m supposed to be doing that one
Thing instead
It was important
I think,
I should’ve already had it done
Whatever it was.

Poem 9:
Don’t compliment me.
How long is it you’ve known me.
And in all that time when was I happy about a compliment.
Oh you look so nice today.
Because most of the time
When someone tells me that
They’re lying to get something
Or looking for the return compliment.

Poem 10:
I have to get out of here
I have to get out
I must get out of here
But I have no plan.
Someone told me that once people
Who want to kill themselves make a plan
That’s when it’s more serious.
So I never made a plan back then.
Till it past.
Now it’s too late to make plans at all.
But I should start now, I know.