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Dying Cacti

Cactus of Texas post frost

maybe this guy’ll make it

gray of the dying cacti

just love that angry color scheme with the yellow, green and gray

photo of Cactus Ridge with Dying Yellow Spines

that yellow though

10 Poems in 20 Minutes (Day Thirty-Eight)

Poem written with a time limit. Good fun.

I Wrote 10 Poems in 20 Minutes
Day 38

Poem 1:
Let me take you to my favorite place
Walk down this trail
Stay close to the road
There’s this one big dead tree right in front
Of a little moss covered bench
Sitting in the middle of the woods
A three way intersection in the path
At the perfect height for my knees
So they fold parallel
And we can listen to the birds, highway, bugs

Poem 2:
I listen to music to calm me down
I use the sounds
To feel a certain way
Leave me one place
Where I’ll know where I’ll be
And I know where I am

Poem 3:
He told me
You tied your laces all wrong
Pointed to my shoe
It should be tighter there
He offered to fix it for me
Offended, I can tie my own
Was that a hit?

Poem 4:
I dragged her to this Italian movie
Director would be there
Only seats we could find
Across the aisle from the maker
He made me conscious of my laughs
Cataloguing them in his book
Yes, the Americans found this funny

Poem 5:
I won’t name how I’m feeling
So I can keep feeling
Without the use of knowledge

Poem 6:
She saw nothing wrong with me at the time
Nothing to handle
Her father had just died
I couldn’t scream out, help me please
She lived her own life
Kids were only there to be fixed
Potential problems to be quashed
Quiet and reserved, only needs a man
I’ll find that later
I should get this done now

Poem 7:
Stop it
Stop taking what I give you
And using it back
I shared something with you
You thought it was a bit odd
Readjusted your mouth, looked to the side
Bring it up again, the one thing I shared
Because you won’t get any more ties

Poem 8:
I keep listening for her tags to clink
But only hear the one dog
She asked for scissors to trim
Some of the dog’s hair
To keep
Looked all over for a spot
Shaky hands
Trimmed a bit of skin
From the stopped heart dog
I folded the hair in the baggie
So she didn’t see

Poem 9:
Forest thick and proud
Quiets down so you can sound
Before it takes you as it’s own

Poem 10:
Driving with music
I move, it moves
We all move together
Chorused and sure
With the same heartbeating