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10 Poems in 20 Minutes (Day Eighty-Six)

It’s been a bad week when the prospect of fresh baked goods improves nothing.

I Wrote 10 Poems in 20 Minutes
Day 86

Poem 1:
Weary for the new and the old ways
Full of I don’t wannas
Sitting in the car at the stoplight
Must make up my mind to turn
One way or the other
Get the errands done
Or go back home where I was.

Poem 2:
A stick sat in my shoe
I didn’t know it
Till I pulled it out
And felt great relief from a pain I didn’t see.
I keep pulling threads of myself
Hoping that one will relieve
What I can’t feel is there.

Poem 3:
I look at the blanket
But don’t reach
I think,
I am cold
I could use a sweater
But it’s over there.
And I’m here
Contemplating the universe of
Me not having a jacket.
Oh how could the world let me get a chill.

Poem 4:
We have each our separate square
Connected in the middle
With a couch and kitchen island.
When we hear another
Chatting in the main
We emerge
To say hello
I live
To those creatures outside the door.

Poem 5:
I’d like to commune with nature
Light candles
Sing dances
Be pagan and glorious.
But even if I was in the field
Someone would see.
Or they’d record.
And I’ll do it to do it.
But I won’t do it to be seen.

Poem 6:
He says, look I’ve brought you the moon
And here, here are the stars.
Just liked you asked
I did all I was supposed to do.
But why can’t,
Why won’t,
Love me.
Say it to me,
Even if you don’t mean it.
Look at all I did for you,
I bought it,
Give me what I’m due.

Poem 7:
He waved me passed him on the stairs
Well come on.
I didn’t want to go past,
I wanted to go clear.
I won’t be waved on
I don’t listen to commands.
Don’t you dare tell me what to do.
And the hatred roared up again,
For something so simple.
And I repeated my mantra,
Not a saying but a feeling of a thought
Once I leave here I’ll never return
They won’t have me again.
Not stuck in this pass.

Poem 8:
She woke me up
You have to get up,
Be there at eight.
Right now.
It’s 7:45.
I told her calm as I could.
Unfiltered in the morning.
Please don’t yell at me.

Poem 9:
I tried to tell her the story that made me so upset
And she didn’t get it.
And if I explained she wouldn’t get it herself
A little more alone for her not getting it.
And a little less justified.

Poem 10:
I know I need to
But I can’t get myself to choose an option
Too many options
All fog
And I see the distance of each one
And I can’t move
Because all the blame lies with me.
And I huddle up and cry a bit more.
Someone take me out of here.
I’m no good on my own.
Pick something for me.