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A Little Glimpse of Southeast Alaska

photo of Welcome sign of the Shrine of St. Therese in juneau

from the door of the shrine of saint threse in juneau

photo of white daises blooming by the side of the road

everything blooms in its season here. the fireweed, the daises, the dandelions, the summer

what all the roads look like in rural alaska


photo of a single pine tree out of the copse

this is as ansel adams-y as i get

Little Yellow Flowers in September

photo of little yellow flowers

little yellow flowers, i love little yellow petals, gah, so cute

Found Late Blooming Daisies

Four Daisies on the Left

daisies in September, i’ve never been happier

Daisies Blowing in the Wind

reach for the sun little flowers

Plant of Daisies

i don’t know what it is exactly, but man, do i love daisies

photo of yellow daisies

i look at daisies and think, i could paint that