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Quick, Organized Thought on Missing Home

Colors don’t change here,
Not since I moved.
But, I miss three days in autumn when I could drive down my double-car studded, concrete-block street, glazed in familiarity,
All in orange.
I give over the beauty of the leaves to those I left behind.


a short little poem, a quadrille for d’Verse poets.

Orange Leafed Tree

Orange Leaf Tree in Fall In Front of a Blue Sky

i pulled over in front of this random person’s house to take two photos of this great tree. the orange speaks to my soul.

Orange Leaves on a Tree

man, it’s not often i get to see this shade of orange outside of a popsicle

Hint of Fall Leaves

Looking Up in a Small Forest in Fall

i’ve got three photos i like and i think look nice together from my last hike in the woods.

A LIttle Yellow Shining Through

the yellow of the sun with the yellow of the autumn leaves is real nice

Trees in Early Fall Triptych

who wanted to feel small today? me! god that tree is huge

Curled Leaf on a Bridge

photo of a leaf on a wooden bridge

so tomorrow i’ll go out and take a bunch of photos that don’t have leaves or trees or nature in them, so that way i don’t keep posting a bunch of photos in a row that are just autumnal or flowery, it’ll be great, i promise

Look, Leaves

photo of yellow leaves

wow shock and awe from the crowd i’m sure, more trees in fall photos, where would your life be without them