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Poems from My Day (12/15)

i’m just a bit off today. i’m sorry.
I don’t have enough time
To say I don’t have the time.

I saw a wreck at 36th and Main.
Rather, I heard a wreck.
Heard that noise I think should be louder.
That terrible kritch.
Two cars ahead of me.
All I thought was, I’ll never get home now.
I’ll have to wait on hold to get 911.
I hate having to go around.

I bought 5 chairs for $35 on craigslist.
So I can seat my family.
Who invited themselves over for Christmas.

I feel like I’m being bullied again,
Except this time by dyed blonde women,
Instead of the bleach blonde natural Kyleigh who did it the first time.
She would shove my books off my desk.
I would just pick them up.
Seemed to be the only way to get her to stop.
She’d just laugh.
These two just smile to themselves.
It’s just so much fun to play with people.

If calling my mother is a source of comfort,
I know something must be wrong.