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Please cite me when you reproduce my work.

[last updated 08/21]

129 thoughts on “About

  1. Kurt Struble

    jeeze Me … a lot of people like you! i wish that many people liked me. i have maybe 10 sometimes.

    sometimes i feel like i’m a really tiny fish … like a little minnow … inside the aquarium at the sarasota airport. i’m surprised i haven’t been eaten yet! but i perservere. the other day they dumped a big goat fish into the tank and a little minnie came in with it. we swim around together … it’s nice to have friends. we sit behind this big rock and laugh at that big luger fish that swims by. youj draw really good! thanks for telling me you don’t have classic beauty thereby revealing to me that you are beautiful. err ….. am i not getting something? ks

  2. Roxie

    Hey, thanks for visiting my blog. I came here to sight-see and I love, love, love your work. You are so talented. I don’t know if I’ll be able to send you good fried chicken from across the ocean but when I find a way, I’ll send you some work to do for me.

    Keep it up.
    (You’re a gal? pleasantly surprised)

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    1. some bad plankton Post author

      That’s nice of you to say.

      I have a drawing tablet that I use. I also have a painting software on my computer; I draw/write in that. I also use Photoshop for cleaner brush pixel lines in detailed areas.

    1. some bad plankton Post author

      It’s hard to say what my favorite piece is as I’m not sure the answer would be the same tomorrow. I wrote a short essay about a letter my father sent me. I think that’s my favorite. I haven’t posted it here, because it’s still a bit too painful. But email me if you’d like a read. But, I made french bread from Julia Child’s recipe that came out perfectly. I’m pretty darn proud of that too.

      1. talesbytink

        Yes, the work is everywhere, isn’t it? There is so much joy in creation. Cooking food is one of my creative favourites too. By the way, I have been looking at your blog on and off for a couple of years now and I really like the tone of what you have going here. I’m not a very internet kind of person, i.e., I don’t have a smart phone and I dip in only when I feel like it, I’m shit house at networking and all that media savvy stuff but I like returning to your stuff because it’s quality, and across the world on another hemisphere in a cool country that also starts and ends with A (and I mean Alaska actually, ‘cos I think it’s a country in it’s own right really, never mind the old U.S of All) is a fellow sensitive soul whose work I really enjoy. You have a genuine follower in me, not a blog hopper or someone just trying to get exposure. I get a sense of something deep that I like. I think you rock.

        Over and out from Australia! Bless x

        1. some bad plankton Post author

          I … really? Me? Thank you. I was kind of having a bad day, and this made me feel a little bit more worthy.
          I sometimes worry that I’m unsustainable on my own. I think that might in part because of technology. But, regardless, I’ll endeavor to keep it up.

  4. athousandimaginings

    Thanks for liking my post from last week! I’m not a fan of chocolate, but your GIFs are pretty cool. (If that made any sense.)
    Anyway, I really enjoy making things too, so thanks for the encouragement, and keep creating!

  5. oldscratch101

    I was ruminating on many of these things yesterday. It isn’t your fault at all. Perhaps there is more to ruminate. I am like a bull.

  6. oldscratch101

    I too enjoy commiserating with sad, wretched poor souls. Your words are unique and delayed. My hope is that you will escape from your difficult situation and find truth. Until then, you write beautifully.

  7. suchled

    I went down the coast (of Victoria) to Logan’s beach where the southern right whales calve. One of the whales game to the surface and blew a great plume of water and gas and stuff into the air and then it turned upside down and waved its tail in the air and disappeared. I think it must have eaten some really bad plankton.

  8. Tam Norman

    Hello! I really appreciate the live you showed my post! Love should be spread… Like peanut butter…on Oreo cookies! Mmmm.
    I’ve enjoyed your poetry immensely, such music! Cheers!

    P.s. I am always glad to see other people working for food… Its part of my primary bartering system!

  9. Core Health Dynamics

    Hey, thanks for the Like on my latest Post!
    If there any specific Health or Fitness Posts you’d like to see, pls let me know.
    And I’m with you on chocolate, and with nachos; can’t do Gnomes though, they freak me out!

  10. Sylvia Nair

    Thank you for stopping by and liking “Stargazing”. You have a very interesting About page. Actually, I think you are a good plankton masquerading as a “bad” one. πŸ™‚

  11. charlypriest

    Glad you stumbled upon my little nutty blog, so you work for chocolate….I have a bunch of gardening to do and could use some help. ItΒ΄s reaching the 90Β΄s degrees here in Spain and I do have chocolate cookies so the offer is out. But be quick cause the chocolate and so much heat….well it melts. Gonna stick around and drop by you once in a while in my stalker mode if you donΒ΄t mind.

  12. CadyLuck Leedy

    Hi there! Thanks for stopping by and looking at my blog! If you have any suggestions, requests or travel questions just let me know! I’m on my way over to your blog to see what you are up to! CadyLuckLeedy

    1. some bad plankton Post author

      I’ll take that compliment. It really depends on the day, the time, and circumstance. I suppose, to answer your question, in general, I like to write bawdy songs the most. Sadly, I don’t post those here.

  13. psychopathsgetbored28

    A very interesting About, I must say, and I love the blog name. Hail those who ‘commiserating with sad, wretched poor souls’, I enjoy it too. πŸ™‚
    You write great poetry, I look forward to more!


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