Dying Cacti

Cactus of Texas post frost

maybe this guy’ll make it

gray of the dying cacti

just love that angry color scheme with the yellow, green and gray

photo of Cactus Ridge with Dying Yellow Spines

that yellow though

1 thought on “Dying Cacti

  1. talesbytink

    Ah, the prickly pear. A noxious weed in Australia, the first noxious weed introduced by settlers way back when. It fruits, and the fruit are delicious. And in Mexico where they originate, the pads that you have photographed are peeled and fried, a staple food in some parts. The prickles though, are serious – the hairs in particular. I picked some fruit from some near our place and stupidly put them in my t-shirt to carry… which transferred the hairs to my belly, and they took about 4 weeks to stop annoying my skin and to work themselves out again. And then a month later one more appeared and pushed itself back out. If you ever pick them, use gloves and a bucket! They are beautiful though. In Lanzarote in the Canary Islands they make a very delicious jelly preserve out of the fruits, and a paste that you eat with cheese.


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