Poems from My Day (2-22-17)

I can’t hold off all my thoughts.
I would like it if my trains could be derailed for a minute,
Like I would be able to take that thought and pick it up and
Set it to the side, off the kid’s wooden tracks,
For just a minute.
Spin the wheels in the air,
Disconnect and reattach the magnetic caboose bumpers,
Take a break from being stuck inside the circles and circles
Of worn down track.

I have no expectations of him.
It needs to stay this way.
Because I only get hurt,
When I depend on people.
That attachment will never get deeper,
It will stay on this level right here,
Because he can’t be part of my support system,
So he can’t be a part of me.

It’s not a big deal to me,
If people are drug addicts,
Or unacceptable in some way or another,
I’ll judge them when I meet them,
For what they show me.
I still haven’t made up my mind
If you can be a bad person and do good things.

My roommate doesn’t understand trash talking,
She doesn’t know how to not take it personally,
This is not something I can explain.
It’s a concept she’s never heard.
It has nothing to do with you, person you.
It’s like when you need to watch something innocuous,
Sports is there, to care about, but not hurt to think about.
And you get to hate other teams,
Say mean things,
Be silly.
And have conversations with strangers with a nice, common ground.
But she gets offended when I talk smack.
I have to say, I’m being sarcastic,
I don’t mean it.
She told me, this is why people think you’re mean.
When I was trash talking today.
She’s never let her mind run.
Football is all about the food for her.

My brother has a girlfriend.
I’m so excited.
It means he’s normal.
He turned out okay.
He’s able to express his emotions,
That’s what this means.
It means we didn’t mess him up too badly,
He’s better than his father.
He can say what he’s feeling.

My sister told me she has stress induced IBS
I don’t know what to tell her?
Quit killing yourself?
Suck it up and deal?
For goodness sake there’s so much education between the two of you, why can’t you figure this out?

I always have to lie in would you rather games.
Because I’m tame, and I won’t be ashamed for it.
This time,
Though I had told the truth,
She screamed at me,
How have you had a threesome, but never smoked a whole cigarette?
I do not like her sam I am.

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