Three Poems from My Day

three quick little things, because I’ve started NaNoWriMo

She said Japanese people are only really reserved with strangers,
Whereas Americans were it all on their sleeves.
And here’s the interesting bit.
She said, American are shallow underneath,
Whereas the Japanese aren’t.
They’re so frank and open.
First, I hate when people praise another culture.
In my experience, it’s all fine and dandy,
But humans are humans.
There’s always a tradeoff.
Also, who says blanket statements like that?
Who can get away with that?
And then who won’t admit to seeing their wrong,
Who won’t take a second to see it from someone else’s point of view.
Admit that their statements might have flaws?
I’ve found this with my roommate too,
Maybe it’s me,
Maybe not many other people like to argue,
Or expand their brain.
They like to be heard, and seen as correct.

Okay we’re going to take a second,
Rather you’re going to take a second right now,
I took the second when I was writing this,
To ask,
When the hell did I become the liberal?
I’m pretty reserved in general,
I’m never the one with the craziest ideas in the room.
What’s going on here?
Am I suddenly too far left?
Am I the edge of the horseshoe who now has more in common with the crazies on the far right?
I’m the one who only sees grays and isn’t sure what solid white or solid black looks like.
Perhaps, today, I am argumentative.

Also, I hate having to report to roommates.
Nosy ass roommates.
Leave me alone.
I don’t want to be around you.
I don’t want your noise.
I don’t want to play with your kids.

2 thoughts on “Three Poems from My Day

  1. talesbytink

    Bertrand Russel said something about the intelligent being full of doubt and the stupid always cocksure. I think it still applies.
    Also, the temperament to persevere is a temperament worth following. Sometimes those two rub uncomfortably together, but the will to persevere in the face of not knowing shows a greater depth of character, I think.
    And also, what a shame that thinking about humanity with depth and care has ceased to be the middle ground in our world. Down here too.
    Politics is a fucked up thing. Poetry is mighty.


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