A Bear and a Jellyfish

photo of a Black bear on the side of a cliff in the pacific northwest

i was in my car. don’t freak

photo of a dead jellyfish floating in a stream at high tide

it’s also dead.


6 thoughts on “A Bear and a Jellyfish

  1. talesbytink

    We went on our honeymoon in Transylvania in November, for a week. It was frosty, foggy and beautiful and sometimes the sun came out. On one such day we took a walk through a forest with a little guide whose rifle was longer than him, who pointed out the snapped saplings from cubs playing in the trees, and in the thick of the woods we found a paw print on the path. Ginormous! We walked very quickly then. Later on we all huddled up in a very small wooden hut and drank caraway schnapps to keep warm, while waiting for the bear to turn up. They used chocolate to bring the bears within viewing rangeā€¦ the chocolate was locked up in a car because they’d trashed the store house previously, but they still rocked the car on a regular basis. Our bear turned up, rubbed its bum against a tree, sniffed around and promptly left after getting its chocolate hit. Closest I’ve been!

    1. some bad plankton Post author

      Hello Germany.

      It’s different for me too. I’m from a big city in what people from Alaska call “the lower 48.” I’m not used to bears or mountains or jellyfish or wolves or porcupine either!


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