Quick, Organized Thought on Missing Home

Colors don’t change here,
Not since I moved.
But, I miss three days in autumn when I could drive down my double-car studded, concrete-block street, glazed in familiarity,
All in orange.
I give over the beauty of the leaves to those I left behind.


a short little poem, a quadrille for d’Verse poets.

23 thoughts on “Quick, Organized Thought on Missing Home

  1. katiemiafrederick

    sMiLes.. hmm..
    yeah.. Orange
    is the new bLack
    and all of that..
    and nah..
    leaves of
    to Apples of FReED..
    and i take it the Apple
    is now Free.. not
    thInKing too many
    folks iN A grey poupon
    world have this now..
    hmm.. larger orange
    perspective.. heHe…
    but tHere are a few..
    anyWay.. i found work
    to be even worse for
    me at least and more deadly2..
    as slave
    as prisoner
    comes more
    than bars.. wherEver leaves
    noW.. A SoUl iS hELd captive..:)


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