Late April in Southeast Alaska

photo of a paddle boarder going out for a run in southeast alaska


Close-up detail of a fern on near the beach


photo of a seal skelton on the beach

a bit gross

4 thoughts on “Late April in Southeast Alaska

  1. talesbytink

    What animal is that? I thought maybe an otter? And what a beautiful place to go paddle boarding! I was briefly in the surf today but there was a strong sweep from the south and my stamina wasn’t up to it… haven’t tried paddle boarding, but it looks like something I would really enjoy. Plenty of folks around here get on the waves with them, especially on rolly kind of swell days… we have some nice river mouths near us too, they are usually calm enough for a newbie… The thing I love about the ocean is that it always cleans you out; whatever detritus is in your mind, it’s gone when you go back home. I love that.


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