A Poem for Today

I haven’t written in a long time.
Let me tell you why.
I couldn’t get myself to.
I write these pieces,
Little things really,
On half folded sticky notes,
Then lose them, or forget, or can’t bring myself to care,
And when I want to write,
I can’t
I’ll be at work,
Failing miserably there.
Trying to hold myself to a schedule,
But not get lost,
Not lose days,
In that same schedule.
I’ll try again later today.
I’ll give a little piece of me,
To you.

2 thoughts on “A Poem for Today

  1. talesbytink

    In a different way, I have the same experience.
    For me, it’s a process of having too many ideas that I don’t act upon, and getting depressed about that, and not doing anything about it… and then there’s the time also, that life sucks up, and the brain space. So I’ll tell you what I tell me. Be gentle. Your poems are working for you, even when it seems they aren’t.
    There’s a book by an Indigenous Australian, Bill Neidjie, called ‘Story About Feeling’. In one of his stories he describes how the tree is working for us, when we are sleeping the trees are working. I see you like trees a lot (me too). When I read this it made personal sense to me, and I finally had a name for what I had felt for a long time about them. To take it further than the physical then, when your spirit is sleeping, someone else is working for you. Trust that. They’ll hold it all together while you can’t, and you’ll wake up with something new. Trust the process, I think it just happens like that. Bless.


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