It’s in the Eyes

drawing of the top half of a woman's face

i debated and debated whether or not i should include that wisp or hair on the left. i left it in, i thought it fit, don’t ask me to explain, she seems more there by not being there, if that makes sense. it doesn’t. oh well. debate at your own will.

14 thoughts on “It’s in the Eyes

  1. suchled

    I don’t know if the wisp of hair is right or not. I do know the technical skills are there. But one thing is really certain. Those eyes are real and I’d fall in love with her if she looked at me that way.

      1. Idacity


        Also, what part of the human body do you enjoy drawing the most? Personally, I enjoy drawing mouths or the eye region (i.e., eyes, eyelid crease, eyebrows, eye lashes… eyeliner?). Toes just confuse me though, and my attempts at drawing them are a disaster hahaa.

        1. some bad plankton Post author

          You know, I think I avoid toes for that very reason. I love drawing people’s wrinkles. I feel like they tell so many stories, but also, drawing lines all over people’s faces on purpose is fun.

          1. Idacity

            Wrists ehh? Damn. I’ve never given them much thought. But now that you’ve drawn (badum-tss?) my attention to them, I’ll show them some love when I next doodle.

            “drawing lines all over people’s faces on purpose” — my dear, I believe that’s called shading 😉 Or is it streaky makeup? Or art? Or…? Basically, what I was trying to say was: “drawing lines all over people’s faces on purpose is” ALWAYS fun, no matter what the lines are or are not.


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