For the Mother Who Holds

I’m silent. I let you make me silent. I don’t have money. I depend. And I don’t have the strength to be on my own. And you took my words. How I say what it is I feel. I’m not a quiet person. I laughed years ago. I let you do all this. It was me. I’ll hate you for this far longer than I’ll hate you for forgetting I’d grown. You took this. You made me think I gave it. That it shouldn’t have been there in the first place. I shouldn’t ever go against you. I left myself in a box. I thanked you for letting me stay. I can’t ever be here again.


1 thought on “For the Mother Who Holds

  1. Taina

    I have been raised strict way by my both parents, I even wasn’t allowed to cry when I was sad, not even when I was a little girl. My mother said to me if I cried: ‘Do not cry, because your father was in war and he didn’t cry’. I felt it was unfair to say so for 7 years old. But it helped me to grow to a strong person. When I was in my teen age I felt hate too towards my parents. It was a normal growing process to become an independent adult. I moved out from my childhood home when I was 18. As soon as I became an independent adult, I no longer felt hate and I didn’t blamed my parents. Because I knew that my life was in my hands and I was responsible of my own adult life, my actions, my words, my behavior, my lost and my winnings. If we fail in life some way or another, we easily blame our parents because we don’t see the way out from our bad life situation. But it’s not our parents fault when we are adults. We can change our life by trying hard and by believing to the future and by trusting to ourselves. Life is hardly ever so difficult that there’s no way out from the wrong situation. We just have to see the light and take advantage of the good opportunities that comes to our way. Sometimes people passes the good chances in life only because they don’t look around enough. Good Luck, everything will be find.


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