How Great You Were

It used to be you
That no matter who I talked to
I was talking to you.
But not anymore
I almost wish I was back there.
Where I thought you the greatest,
But I’m glad not to wear the acolyte robes
For the great priestess anymore.
I can see your loose seams now,
And I can speak to everyone I want.

8 thoughts on “How Great You Were

      1. Harkesscalls

        Any movement forward is a step for the better. You are no longer where you were a moment ago. We may think that we are in limbo, a standstill. We may move along this journey and at times have it seem that it was a lather rinse repeat kind of week. But. There is going to be something to stand out once you think about it. Something that will shine like a golden coin in the dirt. And you will know. You are getting better because at that one moment you did something you wouldn’t have done before. You did something different instead of doing it the same mindless way…
        You are moving, you are getting better 🙂 take it from someone who is trekking that same brambling path

          1. Harkesscalls

            ❤ We have nothing to lose. In the words of my grandmother "Balls out baby this world is cruel. Take it as it comes and don't let any fucking birds shit on you." 🙂


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