10 Poems in 20 Minutes (Day Ninety-Two)

I Wrote 10 Poems in 20 Minutes (11:20)
Day 92

Poem 1:
When greyhounds die
Some of them wail and cry
Whine with their last breath
The doctor said she wasn’t sure why
But warned us,
That even though our dog was sedated
She still might cry out.
I wanna die like that
Screaming at the world
One more time before I go.
To say I was here once,
Hear me now.

Poem 2:
She should have told me
Sat me down and said
This is how it works.
But my mother never sat down to explain
She was too busy running
Here or there.
But I would have liked to know,
If I’d asked her
She would have said,
Of course you know how that works
You should know how to do that by now.

Poem 3:
I’m so scared some moments only live In my head
Someone could lose them
My important moments
Someone should remember
A person who’s parents both don’t have dementia
Because my brain will go dark on the scans soon.

Poem 4:
I waited up till sunrise
Sitting on my kitchen countertop
Because I love winter sunrise on snow.
But it was a gray morning
And I couldn’t tell when the sun had come up
I’d waited for nothing.

Poem 5:
He said
If no one takes the blame
If it’s your fault.
You must step up and say so.
That’s the only piece of good advice he’s given me.
Just the one.

Poem 6:
She collected teacups
And only drank coffee.
She never left her husband
Because she deserved this life.
She had to have people around
And became a stay at home wife.
She only married
To answer her body’s need for kids.
And she’s going to die soon
Still funnier than I’ll ever be.

Poem 7:
She looks like she knows me
But that could be how a dog licks a burglar.
She can’t remember my name
But seems sure I belong.
So I’ll stay and tell her things I told her yesterday,
And she’ll listen.
She pats my hands when I say bye grandma.

Poem 8:
People haven’t stopped talking
Just because we hold black boxes in our hands.
Taciturn people stay quiet.
Shy people might not want to talk.
It might be rude,
But people don’t change being people
Because they can hold the world
In their phones.

Poem 9:
I lent them money
I did it instantly
When asked.
But it breaks my rule
And won’t turn out well
Never lend
Never borrow.
My instant social cues
To what they needed
Overrode my logic warnings.

Poem 10:
To make a person that has my eyes
Would fill me with pride
But I’m not sure I want to pass all my doubt
Down another generation.
No one deserves to think the thoughts I’ve thunk
Even if they only get my good parts.


5 thoughts on “10 Poems in 20 Minutes (Day Ninety-Two)

  1. billgncs

    #10 – the miracle is that we can break the chain, and children are hope.

    I do hope you write once about things that make you smile.

    Another good batch, sad how time steals us older people eventually – but therein is the joy of loving and laughing – time is precious.


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