10 Poems in 20 Minutes (Day Eighty-Nine)

I Wrote 10 Poems in 20 Minutes (8:03)
Day 89

Poem 1:
I run my life ninety-five percent of the time on sheer will power.
It’s just that other bit,
A sliver really,
When it all goes today hell.
Like today
When I couldn’t get out of bed.
She told me how she knew she was getting sick yesterday.
But she’d said that the week before, and the week before
And if she said it enough it would finally come true,
So she can listen so well to the rhythms of her body.

Poem 2:
In my mind I screamed
I burst vessels from the sound
I wanted out of the vassal they’d trapped me in
I don’t want to be subordinate to anyone
I want to be my own
Without pre-notions.
But I can’t be as long as I’m here.
And I’m here till forever,
Because you never really grow up
From your childhood home.

Poem 3:
I should have started the fight by asking
Are you high
Can I talk to you
So nothing came in from the blue
And I sounded a bit less foolish,
But I’m nitpicking the start
Just to find a place to bill some blame
And make it not my fault.

Poem 4:
In infuriating madness
I was trapped in the logic of another
Who won’t put my thinking into place.
Of course you want to go
I’ve asked you
And I want to go.

Poem 5:
Our parents left us with their parents for a week
So they could spend money in Vegas.
They bought me a blue unicorn for my troubles.
Grandpa took us to the zoo as a rare treat.
He wanted us to be happy because it was a gift.
But I saw my sister didn’t like it.
So I didn’t like it.
And my brother went along.
We were reported to our parents
As not liking the zoo,
Caged animals that we were.

Poem 6:
I can’t feel safe to sleep
Unless I imagine arms around me
Phantom shadow limbs only my sleep tired brain feels
Till I forget to be awake.

Poem 7:
He’ll have a new girlfriend in a week
Some men find women
Good women or bad women
At least their tattoos don’t have names crossed off.
They attract them with their jobs and wrinkles
And carried over 90s chains of style.

Poem 8:
It all blurs together
Unless you can remember one instant of how it felt
Then you remember what you thought at the time
And what you were worried about
And it all comes back for a second
Before your hear and now thoughts intrude on the past
And it becomes stained with your remembering of it
For the next time you remember that little blue box with the carved lid
It will be remembering how you felt the last time you remember you thought of seeing it.

Poem 9:
The dog barks at the washer
When it rocks the floor
After the clothes go off balance
If you put them in crooked
And you forget the soap
To make it all ruined
Just to have to start all over again.

Poem 10:
I love the freezing breaths of winter
Shock the lungs with power of ice
Ice in your breath
Ice in the heart
But the air’s still there
So you breathe it in
And contain the cold
Until the cold isn’t as cold as it was in October.


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