10 Poems in 20 Minutes (Day Eighty-Four)

I Wrote 10 Poems in 20 Minutes
Day 84

Poem 1:
That whole year was cold
Every memory thought of for back then
I’m always shaking.
You said the heat cost too much anyway
And wouldn’t put it past seventy-two
But in my big room
The one with my bed
I shivered.

Poem 2:
She makes up little things to be wrong
If there’s nothing off.
She stayed in an apartment with beautiful carpets
Crown dusted edges and a fireplace.
But she afforded it with rent.
She said, well your neighbors must be awful.

Poem 3:
In the hopes he’ll be there
I walk a different way
And skirt another path
And look around.
But I can’t look like I’m looking around,
Or he’ll see me, look like I’m looking for him.
And he can’t know I hope to see him.

Poem 4:
We wanted the praise
The both of us
So we bartered and disparaged the other
I’m better.
So I get the attention,
More tennis balls served in my court
Shading for an ounce of un-fairness.
So we could see who he favored.
Who would iwn.

Poem 5:
He forgot to call me on the right day.
The time he should have.
But I said, oh it’s no problem
And when I did the same to him.
He huffed up his chest
Saying well I guess you don’t care.

Poem 6:
I would like friends who sing to me with tea cups rattling
Of whimsy, wit and wile
So they dragged me along with their mood
And wore silly hats
On purpose, there’s nothing strange here
Only what you see as odd.

Poem 7:
I finished it
And it looked awful and childish
Unkempt and askew
I should never have tried
Should have let it go
Now it has my name on it
And they’ll know
How unorganized and feckless I am.
There’s nothing to do with this heap now.

Poem 8:
It’s almost November
I didn’t want to be here this long.
It can’t already be November.
It shouldn’t be cold yet.
But by Halloween it’s freezing.

Poem 9:
Hold my arms.
Find my sense.
Make some art.
And let me be.

Poem 10:
Another day of you shouldn’t be here
And why haven’t you left yet
And we put all that money into your education
What have you done with it
And if you’d just listened
And I could get you working
And what is it you do all day glances.

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