10 Poems in 20 Minutes (Day Eighty-Two)

I apologize for the lateness of this daily post. I fell asleep unexpectedly before I could write.
I Wrote 10 Poems in 20 Minutes
Day 82

Poem 1:
I waited for you
I wanted you to come downstairs
To talk to me
To say, hi, it’s Mom, let me help.
I know I haven’t been around much lately
But I’m always here for you.
Instead I got an apology four years later
For being left in the mud.

Poem 2:
Like a child
I don’t think he can put himself in another’s place
Don’t think he can say, this is how they feel
Can’t see from someone else’s.
And it makes him mean and hard
But sad most of all,
Because he doesn’t get to feel
All the flares of me.

Poem 3:
They did all that work
Just for experience.
Lives in their memories
Good for nothing
But the ideas
That hard work makes your soul.

Poem 4:
No, I’m still here.
I hid myself under a bit of fat
And a smudge of anger along the way.
But I still hold my hands the same
When I’m nervous,
So I must be here.

Poem 5:
I’d get so sick in the winter
She fussed over me
If she remembered I was there.
So I coughed into pillows covered with blankets
So she didn’t hear
And fuss
To give me medicines
For a bad, bad cough.
She’d apologize to her Mom I was sick,
We’d leave their house with doctors to see.

Poem 6:
Pediatrician I grew up with I liked
Because she didn’t really like me
But she’d look at me
And listen
Give out only what she had to
She held herself with so much smart
To a six year old holding orange dinosaurs.

Poem 7:
My people became the odd ones
I saw I didn’t fit
And found those who didn’t fit too.
Which gives me outcasts for hip brothers.
But I love my people for
Never telling me I’m strange.

Poem 8:
I was angrier for not saying so
But I can’t afford to get on their bad side
So I stir more spaghetti.
I can’t scream and yell,
What you just said was sexist.
Because you’ll get offended in your own home, by a child.

Poem 9:
I count words
When I can barely stand it.
I could make him angry with two.
But I’d have to get the tone right.
I could probably get him to say something irrevocable
With four.
The man who blamed his return to habit on me.
Said it’s your fault I’m smoking again.

Poem 10:
In a painting I love
They sit together
But not engaged.
They’re there
In the same space.
But it doesn’t condemn this
Instead you get to be another
Looking at it
In your own space
Not connected to them.

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