10 Poems in 20 Minutes (Day Eighty-Three)

I Wrote 10 Poems in 20 Minutes
Day 83

Poem 1:
I baked a three-layer cake with ten fingers
For his birthday
I baked it.
I thought I’d put all that love in there
That I think I feel but I’m not sure of
With icing in the middle.
It looks so beautiful, she says,
So nice of you to make.
I made it with beaters and sugar and cream
To say, I have this affection, that might be
Obliged love.

Poem 2:
If I’m going to be late
I won’t go at all.
He toned out his mouth
Tuned out logic
And did what he wanted to.

Poem 3:
I don’t want them waiting on me
Always had to wait on her.
So I try to make it on time, in time.
And I see they didn’t take it
I’m the early one
With my word.

Poem 4:
I know what it looks like
To be looked at
Like that.
I see it now where it shouldn’t be
And I’m worried about that,
I shouldn’t see that there, what I think I’m seeing,
If it’s there.

Poem 5:
Get outta the street
A boy yells to his younger sister
Who sounds like his mom
Who said it the same
Who’ll say it later
To the smaller babies.

Poem 6:
So good to see her, I forgot people want to talk to me
For me, just for me, and me.
Within the minute, my face hurt from laughing
And my throat ached from speaking,
But she wanted to talk to me,
And that was nice,
To seek me out for me.

Poem 7:
I’m so tired I can’t find my glasses sitting on my nose.
I haven’t had any water and I can’t find the bottle.
I tried to eat but burned the oatmeal.
The alarm sang early, it must be early.
And I’m starved for sleep.

Poem 8:
Give me a love please.
So we move mountains.
And flame and burn
And activate hearts.
Here take this here,
I’ll trade you,
For a Heathcliff on the moors,
To a open flat plains.

Poem 9:
I bought a new pair of boots to feel better.
I paid money to feel leather
For a new hitch of ribbon and heels.
Instead of people to know me
For my sneakers and grime.

Poem 10:
Her voice held high, this woman I’d make my grandma
She would bake me cookies with extra special secret.
Go to my recitals.
Because my parents would go,
But it was a thing
Oh I have to go see her,
Not, oh I get to hear her play,
But I must pick her up on time
And figure out where they get out.


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