10 Poems in 20 Minutes (Day Seventy-Nine)

I Wrote 10 Poems in 20 Minutes
Day 79

Poem 1:
I’ve gone backwards
So I sleep in the day
Watching the stars awake
And can’t do anything right

Poem 2:
Now let me help you
I can send you money for job applications
If you’re still thinking of graduate school
You have to start now
Well, I’m just here to help
I think there’s a job opened up.
Look, I’m just helping.
I shouldn’t be hurting your feelings,
I don’t care,
You should have figured this out.

Poem 3:
They drove a moving van
One side of the city to the other
It rained and he felt uncomfortable because he was lost
And can’t see real well
Driving in a big city, not his city
And he blamed her
While he drove a truck for the first time
Yelled at her.
And she cried in the front seat,
He knew she was upset.
But, he didn’t care enough to spare the feelings
Never should have been in this position.

Poem 4:
I don’t have anyone there
To put faith in
To a trust
And I can’t put it in that person in the mirror

Poem 5:
That’ll be all
I’ll die that way
With grown kids, still residing guilt about could have done better
A house in a neighborhood that used to be good
Memories all written down in photos
Wrinkles on the unlived life hands
And silly fears distant memories
From when I was young.

Poem 6:
She played violin in school
Never practiced enough
But it was her year to be first chair
Her time
The girl above her graduated.
Sweetheart, don’t you think this other girl is better
She should be first.
She said, it’s my turn.
I get to be first.

Poem 7:
I have a comfort shelf of books
But they never seem enough
When I need solace
So I keep reading
Hoping, I’ll find a new best bit of book
And I won’t outread it too fast
To no longer be comforting
Only so many times can I read the page
Before it loses what it had over me.

Poem 8:
She said, once in a lifetime trip to Paris
I’ll go with your brother
Then she said,
It might be the last trip I can ever go on with him
To Ireland, with a tour group.
And before that it was,
He wants me to go with them to Canada.
Or he’s never been on a trip to Spain.
He wants his Dad in D.C.
I can’t say I didn’t get to,
I’ll sound like I was born in the middle.

Poem 9:
I put all my determination
In an imagined white corner
That sits on a shelf in my mind
So if there’s something I really need to do
Then I can draw on my compass.

Poem 10:
I went back to where I went to school.
God what a shock.
It all came back, and I saw
What I thought that I still thought then
And how scared I was
All the time.
And how it all seemed so simple and planned out now.
And then I almost flew past the new stop sign
Because roads never stay the same.


2 thoughts on “10 Poems in 20 Minutes (Day Seventy-Nine)

  1. athousandimaginings

    I really connect with the poem about the little violinist, because I was that girl who loved playing the violin yet didn’t practice enough. It makes me kind of sad because, if I’d practiced more, I’d probably still be playing the violin now.
    (I’m also writing this while listening to orchestral music… Why did I stop playing again?)


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