10 Poems in 20 Minutes (Day Seventy-Eight)

Apologies for the late hour of posting. Road trips are not kind to daily poetry writing.

I Wrote 10 Poems in 20 Minutes
Day 78

Poem 1:
An old friend told me four years
We’ve known each other four years.
A baby learned to be human
A couple went steady.
Leaders found power and watched it go.
And we were friends the whole time.
Simultaneous history.
Our history, in four years.

Poem 2:
Look at me now,
I’m smiley and giggly
Talkative, proud, funny
Loved right here.
Without a hindrance of what I could say.
For we could say forever, and talk
About infinities till our tongues turned into wrinkles.

Poem 3:
An offer of life
She gave me.
Come stay with me she said.
Get out of your house,
With your parents.
But I’d have to start paying,
And I would have no car.
If I asked for one too many,
I’d lose the friend that kept me sane.

Poem 4:
I hold, wear a crystal around my neck
Not for the healing greater power of quartz
But because it feels the same
Every time I hold it
The rock of a constant
Will outlive me untrace me
And scry for my location once I leave.

Poem 5:
She asks again
Are you ok?
I want to acknowledge the question
Respond that I don’t want to be asked
Say what she wants to hear
But not give a real answer
So it can’t be used against me later.

Poem 6:
When he gets back
I’ll say
I will
I’ll say
You gave me all this, I almost, no, I almost seemed
Important to you, I mean,
And I thought I could trust you,
Because I like you, not like how I like everyone else,
But you gave me this,
Then left me, and I haven’t seen you
But others say they saw you, and I haven’t
Even though I’m there at the same time, place.
It must be me.
And I sound like the girls I never wanted to sound like.

Poem 7:
I did this today
And I feel neutral about it
I have completed it.
There it sits.
I cannot shame this,
Nor praise this,
Only see,
Look, I have done it.

Poem 8:
Not enough of me to go around
I can’t put all of me
Into the decision about which peanut butter I want
Or I won’t have room for the
Which house should I buy.
I have to ration me.
In booklets, use coupons to use me only when I need me
And my brain,
So I can be good still

Poem 9:
The light is out at ridgeway and chapel hill
I stopped in the dark
Headlight higher than the other light
My rearview mirror shows all black
Not tilted wrong, nothing behind
Not a soul in the back.
Without my light, my stop light
The city puts in and tells me it’s there
To be followed, no lights on
People I know are there.

Poem 10:
I went and stood where I’ve been before
And I seemed much smaller
All my choices flater
All the possibilities opener
And I could have done so much more.


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