10 Poems in 20 Minutes (Day Seventy-Seven)

I Wrote 10 Poems in 20 Minutes
Day 77

Poem 1:
I thought these people never leave their homes
They have all that money
To fly
Why not go anywhere.
Migrating birds only go where their people go.
So we stay where we are.
In our bones, our hollow bones.

Poem 2:
She wants me to drive down
The guy that’s staying with us
So he can see the college with someone who speaks the language.
She says, don’t you have a friend down there
A Chinese girl.
My friend said, bring him down,
But, we’ll talk in English because you’re there.
Her allegiance lies with me
And not the plans of my mother.
So comforting to be sided with even in folly.

Poem 3:
She’s a red through and through
Just disguised by her veganism.
Born in the country, doesn’t like politics,
Won’t ever protest, conservative,
In all ways but the mask of
Happy hippy veganism and openness.

Poem 4:
I told myself I could sleep longer
And made myself dream.
My own fault, the images of stress
And lateness, brought on by a missed alarm.
You’re going to be late no matter how fast you go
And you’ll look horrible in the mean time
Because you didn’t go to sleep on time, last night.

Poem 5:
He said hi as he brushed passed
Don’t touch me I thought
I can’t shy away because
This room is too small.
And I’m sitting down.
Don’t touch me.
That’s my shoulder
Don’t show me affection like that.
But I sat there, looked down, and said hi.

Poem 6:
She said she’s sees that passion
In people sometimes.
But I’ve never seen it.
Just settlers and arrangers
Waiting in lines.

Poem 7:
She walked far with a wiry soul
Giving out wisdom as hand twined bracelets
Staring at tar pattern marks in the road
Waiting for someone to pick her up.

Poem 8:
The darker becomes a comfort.
I may see this black,
But the pictures in this book,
Look, they’ve got horrors I haven’t thought of.
All made up in his mind.
A mind darker than mine.

Poem 9:
I didn’t try my best
So they couldn’t judge my ten
But only my five
So I could still be good
If I gave it my all.
No longer a condemnation of me.
A criticism of the bit I could barely do.

Poem 10:
She would stand in my room,
My old room,
When I wasn’t there no more.
To remind her I was there,
In that place,
And I’d left,
That was ok.
Better now.


5 thoughts on “10 Poems in 20 Minutes (Day Seventy-Seven)

    1. some bad plankton Post author

      Yessir. Well, actually, I spend seconds on some and minutes on others. If memory serves, I spent about five minutes on #8, that Goya poem, and a bout 45 seconds on the others. I write them as they come.


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