10 Poems in 20 Minutes (Day Seventy-Two)

The poems today came out a bit longer and long-winded.

I Wrote 10 Poems in 20 Minutes
Day 72

Poem 1:
I keep thinking,
If I learned something new
Just one more concept
Idea, bubble,
I’d find all new pathways and journeys
For my mind.
I’d be the better man.
Something new to eat
For the brain,
Change all the ways to see,
I’d be good,
With all my knowledge
And ways of seeing.
Better than you.

Poem 2:
I read an article about a small person,
I’ll use it as my touchstone as a base for the feeling
When I want to cry.
His brothers fought for his innocence
For years, in the courts.
They changed the way the law was written,
Because of him.
And the last line,
Final words of the passage on his history,
His story,
Said, he is presumed dead, missing in action,
Ten years later, in the mud for WW1.

Poem 3:
She said,
I don’t want to bother you too much.
She manages to sound harsh with kind words,
I’ll leave you alone, because you want me to
Only because you want to be alone
I don’t think you should be by yourself
But you haven’t come right out and said leave me alone,
So I can’t come right out to say that was rude.
Instead we get little thorns in phrases.
She doesn’t think she’s bothering me.
I’m just not behaving as she wants me to.
But she wouldn’t dare of telling me how to be.
Instead we get disappointed snits.
Oh it’s so nice to see you out and about.

Poem 4:
The powerful man, bank manager
Letters before his name
He speaks to the money, they listen
His daughter, the youngest, with brown hair like her mother,
He told everyone he soon could hold his first grandchild,
She was going to give birth to a boy, soon.
He got a call, he couldn’t be at the hospital,
Not expected to live, picked something up in utero
All that he can do, good not for a thing.

Poem 5:
If I go too dark
I have to look at someone else’s bleak
Blackness, depths of despair, depravity
Of character of soul,
I have to see someone with a darker mind than mine
Travel with them a minute
And decide I like mine better.
To remind myself I can like it here.

Poem 6:
Skip shakes his collar
A bit more tired today
Can’t run quite as many circles.
Food not as interesting.
They picked him up for the last time
Shoved and scooted in the back seat with a towel down
Couldn’t see to drive with the tears.

Poem 7:
He said he walked with rhythm
Beats in his steps
At ease in his skin

Poem 8:
I check under my elbows
The underside that’s hard to see without a mirror,
I looked on the outside edge of my foot,
And the back of my left shoulder.
I keep checking, hoping, maybe
I’ll find my passion there,
Waiting to be found.

Poem 9:
He opened the door and shouted a hello
Is anyone there
They should say hello
They’ve been here all day doing nothing.
He saw a dirty bowl in the kitchen sink,
They couldn’t even clean up after themselves.
He bellowed who’s bowl is this,
Ready to line up.

Poem 10:
She wanted to spend a thousand dollars
She had it, she could
But they stopped her
Recommended saving.
So at ten o’clock,
She hollered to the living room
Who wants to go swimming?
I volunteered for the team
And dove in chlorine with a pink roller coaster tee
So she could have her moment of unlogic.


9 thoughts on “10 Poems in 20 Minutes (Day Seventy-Two)

  1. billgncs

    three really good ones, do you ever let some sit and revisit them to refine them ?

    When I used to study kung fu, for about 13 years, our instructor was so brilliant that it would get depressing. Sometimes I’d go help with a beginner class just to realize I’m really not as bad as I think. We’re never as good as we think, or as bad.

    1. some bad plankton Post author

      I do sometimes revise them, then tear them to shred again, and paste them back together, just to delete them.

      That’s true. It’s like when someone sits down to play a free piano, there’s always someone better to come along.


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