She’s Always a Lady

old style drawing of a lady

i cannot get her left eye right, i mean correct, it doesn’t look right, i mean correct, shading, i’m doing a five minute drawing tomorrow, quick, fast, hair won’t take twenty minutes


10 thoughts on “She’s Always a Lady

  1. jasbirchatterjee

    I like the way you write; it is very spontaneous and very intense; but everything you do seems to have a time limit as though someone has got a revolver on your head…I suggest you slow down a bit and let time stand still, figuratively at least…and then see how things go…

  2. polychromeannie

    hmmmm…. I wouldn’t have noticed anything wrong with the eye. But if it helps, I think if there was a bit more of the white of her eye showing under the iris, it may help. I think what you are seeing is that the lower eye lid looks more closed… I could be totally off course here however. I think it looks great the way it is, i would just leave it be.


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