10 Poems in 20 Minutes (Day Seventy-One)

I Wrote 10 Poems in 20 Minutes
Day 71

Poem 1:
I brought up a thing I’d read
About being a man double standards.
I said, it’s ridiculous that a man has to defend
Pull out Excalibur and ward off evil doers
While putting an unthinking protective arm around the woman.
He said, of course he has to defend the woman,
I thought, then, that role of protector is unmoving
Women probably are all caregivers to you.
But those women that fall in the middle
The bad mothers, or the wobbly fathers
What of them?

Poem 2:
I got excited about it
Can’t hold my arms together, happy, loud.
The girl with dyed blonde ringlets mocked me for that
Woah, calm down.
I wanted so much to show her
I never got excited again
Where anyone could see it.

Poem 3:
I’ve screamed out in my mind
If you can hear me
If you’re a psychic
Come help me
And I thought my address.
Almost embarrassed when no one showed
But no one else knew I could be embarrassed.

Poem 4:
The first time I flew
When I could see and remember
And there weren’t any clouds
I got to see my town in boxes
All of the whole world in boxes
Except the rivers, they swirled a bit
It looked so tidy
Like you shouldn’t be able to get lost driving
Or you shouldn’t have any trouble fitting in
With all that already arranged.

Poem 5:
I’ve met a passionate person
She ran at that high intensity force
My subdued would be her dead
And when her everything was exciting
Her nothing was.

Poem 6:
I ran into a friend
He wore curls down to his ears
I said hey do you wanna sit with me while I eat
He got a glazed look
He’d never eaten alone with a woman
Non-date, or rather not even on a date
Did she like me? Is that what this is.
But his eyes stayed wide while I managed a ruben
Casually chatting.
I tried to say, look, I’ve done this before
We can eat and talk with nothing going on
Almost to prove a point.

Poem 7:
She wants to have lunch with Lauren
While, well, she was in town.
She made her maid of honor and everything.
But by the time she started packing,
And the day took shape with other people
She didn’t think she’d get along with,
Well it was too late to call her now,
I mean, we didn’t make real plans or anything,
And I don’t want to make a second trip,
I don’t know, really ever what to say to her
And she’ll bring her boy, when I want to be with mine.
Anyway it’s late now
I could have called her earlier, but now it’s too late.

Poem 8:
You do the test studying last
The piddly five minute stuff first
That you know how to do
And know how long it will take
So that leaves the rest of the night open to study
But you start late, and beat yourself up for it
Now you’re too tired to study
And there’s not enough time
So you say, I can’t study well now anyway
And go to sleep tired, after doing nothing
Fro a couple minutes.

Poem 9:
If alcoholism
Takes a couple generations to wear out
So a hundred years later you can still see the
Effects of the drink you grandfather loved.
It’ll take even longer for the emotional scars
To fade to a pale white.

Poem 10:
I get lost in the fires
Like I get lost in the ocean
Or falling rain
Anything larger than I am
Out of my control
Is just fascinating.


8 thoughts on “10 Poems in 20 Minutes (Day Seventy-One)

  1. Lotus

    I wanted to “like” your (Day Seventy-One)
    It was the first day for me
    But I couldn’t find a way to like it
    What? No button?
    How will we get to know
    If we can’t like and begone?
    I was the one at 9:39
    a.m., when I should have been working,
    liking anyway
    Only then did I realize words did not fail.
    Only then the fire drill bell was buzzing
    And I didn’t have time to like without running.
    I couldn’t find the like button.

    1. some bad plankton Post author

      Oh look a comment,
      A comment with a problem,
      A good problem, in it’s own way.
      I’ll tell the solution and be out the door,
      This lovely person I will hear no more from,
      She’ll go very far past, along her way.
      But I’ll keep rolling right here.
      To find the like button
      One must click the title of the little individual posts
      You’ll find your sought star there.


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