10 Poems in 20 Minutes (Day Sixty-Six)

Friday, a lovely day to write some poetry, except the sky keeps yelling at me, rumble grumble.

I Wrote 10 Poems in 20 Minutes
Day 66

Poem 1:
The sun hides.
He must be embarrassed.
He hasn’t been able to stop the rain.
The cold rain.
I’d hide too,
If I were you,
And everyone else was getting rained on.

Poem 2:
Mom left to go do what church people do
But I couldn’t leave Grandma in the pew alone
She came down here to be near Mom for the losing of her mind
So I sat next to the woman
Dignified, scared for not knowing where she was
I couldn’t be the one to leave her alone with the yellow
Sanctuary, we sat quietly, talked politely
While she tried to remember which sister I was.
But, it took her longer to lose her, self
A great observer of people, cutting, knowing, quick
She would be the only one to ask,
“How are you?” and mean it when I came home from school.
And I understood her.
So I sat with her while she tried to remember
In the yellow wooden pews,
Everyone else had other things to do.

Poem 3:
An old person gave me some wisdom
One of those
You’re only great if, speeches
I didn’t understand it then
Shirked it off.
But now I do, after I lived through
And oh how it rings true
After it’s usefulness.
I’ll pass this one on with all my wisdomness

Poem 4:
I’m made of open fields.
If you can’t love the space,
You won’t ever love this.
I’m formed from quiet moments with wind and birds and trees.
If you won’t see beauty there,
You won’t ever love this.
I’m from books stacked in piles, dusty, loved, and cherished.
If you don’t see that,
You can never love this.
And I’m made from trusting what I think before anything else,
Because that’s what’s gotten me though.
If you won’t understand,
You will never love me.

Poem 5:
I thought the Post Office man gave me some kindness
But the next time I shipped something
He said the same thing he’d said before.
I was just the same, one of the line.
He became a little less funny.

Poem 6:
He’s getting old enough
So I start remembering my age
And thoughts
When my number was his.
Relatable only to me.

Poem 7:
You want the best for those you love.
Glory and honor and money.
See them do well, to you know,
Maybe do well by proxy.
But she married below her, in a way,
And you’re sad for the potential love
She could have given to something more.
I’ll hold that possible love with mine.
And we’ll rename it hope, so it won’t spoil.

Poem 8:
I baked the cookies for me
I wanted cookies.
I made cookies.
They exist because I wanted them.
Just for me, they were made.
I worked only for me.

Poem 9:
Old guy in the diner sat across and diagonal
From us.
I watched him,
Throwing all these stories over him,
An air marshal off duty, who really loves fries,
And a man who just lost his wife and orders her favorite,
A lonely passerby who’s come to watch the young couples.
Then I left him to his privacy, won’t watch while he eats.
Alone is hard enough.

Poem 10:
She said, I can’t read anything on your face
After she told me that all my expressions were mean
I shifted so she couldn’t read anything
Got chastised for that too.


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