10 Poems in 20 Minutes (Day Sixty-Five)

Well, these are rather shorter than usual today. If there is a usual.

I Wrote 10 Poems in 20 Minutes
Day 65

Poem 1:
I’m disgraced
This grace, given
Became a worse
Missed, passed up, farce
Disappeared graciously
Gone when I wasn’t looking
This grace given disgraced.

Poem 2:
It’ll all finish later tomorrow
Won’t matter
Those horrible few hours in the middle
By the next sundown
All over

Poem 3:
She caught me laughing
Said, how cute you are
It’s good to hear you laugh.
I can’t laugh now.
She’ll hear.

Poem 4:
I repack my boxes
Just finish it up.
I could just leave all.
All my things.
When I need it later, buy new.
But I always thought I’d live near here.
To do with so much stuff.
So I could drive it over, in pieces.
Not states away.

Poem 5:
I think of those times
A while back
As so great, because I didn’t worry
About now’s then.
But I forget the misery I was holding.
No matter, better, shifted.

Poem 6:
For the righteous of self
I can take you down one
But I can.
With words and looks.

Poem 7:
She told me she couldn’t taste any of it
The meal, the feast, table full of food
So she said it’s all great.
Then he made those dishes again.
The ones she really liked.

Poem 8:
I never thought I’d live this long
Not that I’d be dead
But that I wouldn’t still be alive

Poem 9:
I see through my glasses
No matter dirt or grime.
He noticed to say only crazy people don’t keep their glasses clean,
How can you see.
I’d never noticed.
I did now, because he did.

Poem 10:
I grew up in their eyes
From stories told by my father
Cute, source, material.
They knew me by description.
His pride, in me, by form.
Look what you can learn from her,
My link to the outside world.


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