10 Poems in 20 Minutes (Day Sixty-Two)

I almost forgot to write my poems for the day. I would have broken my sixty-two day streak.

I Wrote 10 Poems in 20 Minutes
Day 62

Poem 1:
Comic books stores
As a girl
Other guy picking through
Wants to talk but can’t figure out how
Owner mentions girlfriend one time too many
He never thought he’d find one
Chats at the register
All aware, uncomfortable
For there’s a girl here
Who doesn’t make eye contact

Poem 2:
Stunned moment
I fell a couple feet to land
On my knee on the river bed
In mud
Wrist braced ache
I stand stopped
Mind catalogues
No pain
All ok
Wrist aches
I can move
Watch where to go
Bank wasn’t that steep
Trying to climb out

Poem 3:
After embarrassed
All these people show
Didn’t see you before
So they know now too
As always

Poem 4:
So angry
He says so what are we having
I have to cook
He over listened to my conversation
Telling my phone sister cooking
Well I don’t know that I can eat that
His mind, I should make only what he wants
He doesn’t cook
The he
He won’t plan
Should be made for me
But I won’t tell you what I want

Poem 5:
He says the court has too much power
Shouldn’t be able to overthrow state law
But only because they’re allowing some
Law he doesn’t like on moral grounds

Poem 6:
Leaf of a chrysanthemum
So smooth
But it’s got a bit of dead
From the ground from the stem.
In two hundred years when they dig up my body
They’ll look at my hair and say
So smooth, must be dyed, fake
But look at the dead on me

Poem 7:
We bought me new clothes
We went for jeans
She bought herself too many pairs of shoes
I found a pair of jeans
She found one she likes better
She said, I feel bad I got all this
I say that’s ok
I could console her
But I want her to feel bad
For always being first
In what she owns

Poem 8:
I can drive as far as the tank
Check engine light will go
But I’ll rebound shoot
Back into my world
This little world

Poem 9:
I woke up screaming
I thought I was alone in the house
No one else hears that
But she was sick
So she stayed home
Burst in to say
What’s wrong
She’ll side glance at me now
Now she knows

Poem 10:
You’re distant, he said.
I don’t really know you.
Then that line from that Carrie show
Floats into my mind.
How well do we really know anyone?
Sometimes there’s something I find
In my mind, I’m not sure is even mine


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